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Dear students,

Our unit plans studies based on transferring the ability differences to the academic departments where they study to prevent the differences in ability from becoming a disadvantage during the education period, with the details of the information messages we forward via e-mail to our registered students in the database. Therefore, it has made progressive contributions towards improving services and services. In this direction, we have prepared a page that aims to convey information and suggestions regarding the scope of the document and the preparation processes and aim to benefit more effectively from the service we provide.

A sample document has been included in the page content, aiming for our students who have yet to benefit from this opportunity to examine what kind of adaptation document has been created and what kind of adaptations are included.

What is an Individual Adaptation Certificate?

The aims of this document can be summarized as preventing your ability differences from negatively affecting your participation in education, sharing the accessibility improvements that facilitate your education with the academic units you are studying, and working to make your academic life more accessible on the axis of continued cooperation.

For example, you need help in lessons and exams due to the disadvantages arising from the lack of materials prepared for your visual impairment or the disadvantages arising from encountering environments that need to be structured with support technology solutions suitable for your hearing impairment. Necessary suggestions and improvements for accessible solutions are conveyed to the academic units where you are studying, together with the recommendations, in a document that we have prepared with you and that you decide on the appropriateness, and facilitating studies are planned to ensure the necessary arrangements.

Important notices:

  • When the applicability of the adaptation documents to be prepared is evaluated, please send your requests to our unit at the beginning of the academic semesters after the finalization of your course schedules, if the adaptation is for a course, and at the latest 2 two weeks before the exams for exams so that the transformations can be made on time.
  • It is necessary to share the name, CRN information, and code of all the courses you have taken in your requests so that the adaptation requests can be delivered to our faculty members who are members of our academic units.
  • Renewing the document each semester you study is a practice we recommend so that the academic units you choose courses from are aware of the adaptations for you and your visibility and awareness of our units in planning inclusive education studies.
  • The document is limited to academic adaptation suggestions. The solution to the problems experienced by the student in different subjects requires the appreciation, evaluation, and cooperation of other relevant units.

In case of need for adaptation:

  1. Code, course name, and CRN information in the determined curriculum,
  2. What adaptations are needed (enlarged exam or course materials, reader/marker support, additional time in the exam, etc.)
  3. A medical report documenting the differences in ability, stating the disability status issued within the scope of the Regulation on Disability Assessment for Adults, a disability identity card obtained from the Ministry of Family and Social Services, a physician's opinion, temporary or permanent disability, and illness, etc. After you send an official document created to our unit by selecting the subject of the help ticket you will make via the ITU Assistance System link or the e-mail address of, the draft adaptation document that we will prepare in line with your submissions will be sent to the itu defined on your behalf by our institution. We will forward you via your e-mail address with the domain name. The process of issuing the document as an official document and transferring it to our academic units, where you continue your education, will be planned in line with your suggestions and opinions regarding the prepared document and your approval.
Document Example (Microsoft Word)