4. Barrier-Free University Workshop

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This year, we participated in the 4th Barrier-Free Universities Workshop as ITU Accessible Student Counseling Unit. Samet Öztürk, a student of Aeronautical Engineering from ITU Aerospace Faculty, attended the workshop hosted by Ege University on March 11-12, 2010, at the Bornova Campus. In the workshop held, the special needs of students with disabilities in higher education life, the responsibilities of universities in this field, the problems of the established and the stage of establishment of disabled student units were discussed, and suggestions were discussed. The workshop, which was held with the participation of 337 people from 93 universities, enabled the sharing of positive works done in universities for students with disabilities, the discussion of model applications, and the presentation of what all universities should do for full accessibility. Many disabled students from various universities in Turkey actively participated in this workshop on behalf of their universities.

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