YÖK 13th November Ankara Meeting

As ITU Disabled Student Counseling Unit, We Attended the 13 November Ankara Meeting



At the meeting held under the chairmanship of YÖK Board Members, attended by authorized vice-rectors and assigned coordinators of all universities and their relevant units, the following issues were not addressed in the attached agenda, and urgent things to be done were listed as follows;

  • All relevant units will work in coordination with YÖK.
  • Disabled Student Counseling Units will report and share their work with YÖK everymonthlyhe functioning will be regulated, and their job descriptions and employees will be determined.
  • All regulations regarding the law numbered 5378 of YÖK will be fulfilled as soon as possible.
  • All eligibility studies regarding the Disabled Opening will have been completed in full at the beginning of 2012.
  • legal frameworks; will be implemented with academic, physical, and special case configurations.
  • With the signature we signed on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on October 28, 2009, all obligations assumed by universities will be fulfilled.
  • In particular, the quotas of the departments that accept students with the "ABILITY EXAM" will be increased.
  • The concept of “ACCESSIBILITY IN EVERY AREA” will be applied to all university campuses.
  • Application forms, which will be prepared taking into account architectural, political, and social problems, will be delivered to the relevant student groups at the beginning of each academic year.
  • Materials, teaching, and evaluation criteria will be determined, and those suitable for the “DISABLED STUDENTS” will be procured and made available in the centers.
  • The Faculty's decisions will determine the measures taken at the beginning of each year, and all university units will collaborate with the Disabled Student Counseling Unit.
  • No registration fee will be charged, scholarship priority will be provided, and Partial Study Support Groups will be formed.
  • Early registration will be provided, an operational plan will be prepared for emergencies, and precautions regarding transportation will be taken in advance.
  • The Coordinator of the Disabled Student Counseling Unit (his knowledge of the subject is preferable) will provide necessary information to all university staff (academics, student affairs staff, faculty responsibilities, etc.) assigned to this subject and will guide the process.


ITU Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center