Welcome to ITU Disabled Student Unit Web Page.

Our unit, which continues its activities within the framework of the regulatory provisions of the Council of Higher Education in force, especially the Turkish Law on the Disabled No. 5378, aims to prevent our students' ability differences from causing a disadvantage in their education life and to contribute to being a more accessible University with inclusiveness studies on the axis of current standards.

Our unit aims to support students and academic departments with individual adaptation documents prepared to reduce the disadvantages that may occur as a result of disruptions that may take place in inclusive planning, as well as to cooperate with our decision-making and implementing units by planning studies to strengthen the education standards with appropriate teaching methods and reasonable adaptation conditions by evaluating the differences in ability. All students who want to benefit from this service can get detailed information by contacting our unit.

In addition, we care about working in cooperation with the authorized units to develop solutions for all our stakeholders who work as academic or administrative staff at our University and who encounter physical and digital accessibility problems in their workplaces so that the differences can be transformed into the richness of our corporate culture.